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I've had an overwhelming response to my treatments at Elspa at Red Hill, Ella Baché Carindale, Ella Baché Capalaba, Ella Baché Myer Centre, and Ella Baché Post Office Square. Therefore I regret to advise I no longer have sufficient free time to continue to offer the "MAW at home" service. 

All booked "MAW at home" visits will proceed as planned. I will continue to offer "MAW at home services to existing clients. But I am unable to offer this service to new clients. However, I visit several convenient locations across Brisbane.

For existing MAW at home clients here is the relevant information:

My goal is to ensure that when you receive a home visit treatment you get the same high quality service and care as you would in any clinic. I bring with me, two suitcases full of medical supplies including an emergency bag. All procedures are performed using exactly the same products, needles and anaesthetics as I would use in the clinic.

I prefer to arrange a follow-up for everyone treated in two weeks, usually its best for the same group to meet in the same place at the same time two weeks later. This is important because unless we have treated you before, we need to see the results in 2 weeks to be sure of how your body handles the treatment. Sometimes "touch-ups" are needed and these are performed free of charge. The follow-up service is also included in the price of your treatment.

We will need your help providing an appropriate place to perform treatments including:

  • A clean and quiet room with good lighting or a bright adjustable lamp. 
  • A comfortable seat that has a head-rest for the client being treated. Alternatively a sofa you can lie down on also works well.
  • Near to that seat we need a clean bench or desk to place the equipment. 

Please be aware that although having a few friends over for these treatments can be a lot of fun, its important that all pre-treatment discussions are made with a clear head. So I can’t treat anyone who has had more than 1 standard drink of alcohol immediately prior to the treatment.

The usual consent process applies and treatments are not possible for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding or with certain neurological and auto-immune disease. Please contact me if you are not sure.

For large groups discounts are possible, please contact me to discuss.

It does depend on how many treatments people want and how many questions there are but generally I'd plan on about 30 to 45 minutes per person. It can be much quicker than this if people have had treatments before and don't require as much explanation.

Home visits require a $500 prepaid non-refundable deposit that is deducted from the cost of treatments received. A $500 minimum spend applies for home visits within 10km of Brisbane GPO. For locations further afield please call 0488 88 55 55 to discuss.

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